Fantastic listen. So much to relate to about growing up with an alcoholic parent, so many things seem normal that aren’t. I also feel protected from slipping into problem drinking, and notice it in others quicker because of my experiences. Loved this one

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Really enjoyed that. It was interesting to hear about the distorted perspective children of alcoholic parents have. Their experiences are shocking to the outside world but 'normal' in their family environment. I was a child care social worker for the majority of my adult life; working with adolescents (managed children’s homes too) and I saw this distortion on a daily basis. I remember one of the girls I worked with telling me she only realised she was being sexually abused when they had a sex education class in school. She was mortified. She thought everyone was going through what she was, behind closed doors.

Lovely bloke indeed.

Ps I did laugh when you were talking about your mums; as a single parent I could relate!

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